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Joe Barbeau

Hi Dave, was wondering if you were going to post more photos for sale on Sweetdogphotos of the 2015 Casagrande Tournament. Thanks again for the nice pic of my son Justis in the H-W Times on August 13.

Ron Pursey

Your old friend, previously from Charter Communications. Nice photos on the Varlets on your Facebook. In case I don't see you, have a Happy New Year! - Ron


Chicopee comp varsity football player

Jeff Gorham

Looking for of Granby boys basketball at the cage. My son Zach was in the sentinel on March 13th. Thank you jeff

Glen Ryan

this is complete email for last message thanks

Glen Ryan

Do you have any more photo of the Holyoke girls in the Szlachetka Basketball tournament? My daughter is Taryn Ryan No.22 for Holyoke if you have any of her. Thank you Glen Ryan


Wondering if you have any minnechaug football pictures


Hi there! I was wondering if you could get some pictures of Chicopee High Schools swim team.


was wondering how i can i see 2011 holyoke high fame musical


Was wondering if you were going to post the team photos from Chicopee High from this fall?


Are you going to post any pictures of the comp / south Hadley thanksgiving day game?


i am interested in purchasing some photos from the wahconah @ comp game 9/13/13


Hi Dave,
Just wondering if you will be posting any pictures from the Chicopee Hall of Fame Inducyion?

Thanks- Chet


Will you be posting the boys division 1 western mass golf tournament pictures?
Thank you


It was very interesting talking to you at the Ludlow/Comp game @ Ludlow on Oct 10 about photography. I can't wait to see you post the pics. Our team does not have alot of VB pictures this year and they would be nice for their banquet. ....especially #15 :)


Hi David,
I just wanted to comment on the photo that you took of my son Seth Beckland, that was in the Ware River News. It is AMAZING! Thank you for capturing that moment. It is a picture that I will treasure forever.
Thanks Again!!!


When are you going to post the photos for this years COMP /CHICOPEE football game ?

Antonio Diaz

Hi Dave,
I was wondering if you have any archives of the photos you took in the past?

Ray B.

Hi Dave,
I'm interested in purchasing a photo from Spec Pond Summer Basketball that was posted in the 7/25 Edition of the Hampden Wilbraham Times. Please contact me at my email.

Brad Hoffman

I was wondering if this is the same Dave Henry in Spokane, WA.

Katie Peck

Do you have any pictures from the girls game at the hall of fame on march 22, 2013?

Katie Peck


I just wanted to thank you again for letting me use your lens the other day that was so very "sweet" of you!! See ya soon! Thanks again!


Trying to find the 2 pictures from the Chicopee Register for Comp boys swimming league championship, 2/7 edition. I don't see either picture in the Comp/Monson meet.

Perris Dalton

trying to find David Henry


Do you have any pictures of the Quabbin vs. Hampden Charter game on December 19th at he Chicopee Boys & Girls Club?

jeanette beane

were you able to take any Pathfinder pictures at the super bowl on Dec.1 2112


Will there be more photos of dean tech playing football? Thanks for everything


Will you have Bridge of Flowers photos for sale? Thanks, Jim.

Diana Brown

Hi Dave,
I'm looking for photos from the July Fourth of July Fest in Chicopee. My sons band "The Varlets" played and I heard you took some great photos. Thanks, Diana

Cindy Gray

Hi Dave..
I am looking for your pictures from the Jonno Gray 5K held on July 7.
Looking forward to seeing and sharing.

Tim McCarthy

David, thanks for taking all the photo's yesterday of Dean's visit with the CUP. I look forward to seeing them all. Are you going to put them up on this site ? Tim


Can you put up the technique dance recital pictures ?

Dan boucher

Hi Dave , pictures look great!!! You need to come to enfield and take pictures of some real baseballers....

Dan boucher

Hi Dave , pictures look great!!! You need to come to enfield and take pictures of some real baseballers....

Joe Morissette

Dave is the best in event coverage. He captures candids and still photographs that are second to none.

Tanesia Westbrooks

Hi, David Henry my name is Tanesia Westbrooks I am a senior at Holyoke High School, I play for the Holyoke Varsity Basketball team I am also a member of the yearbook staff for our school. I really like the team photo for the girls basketball team at the Western Mass Finals with the trophy. There is no way i could get it off your site and we would love to have this in our yearbook. If you could please email us the picture of the team that would be great. Mr Marx our yearbook advisor is offering even free advertisment for your company if you could please contact me as soon as possible I would love that! thank you for your time.

Kevin McAndrew

There is a great picture of Taylor McAndrew, Chicopee HS vs. Holyoke at Szot Park (Girls Varsity Soccer - Fall 2011 game) that has a credit below it "Turley Publications photo by David Henry). I would like to purchase this pic of my daughter. Your assistance would be greatly appreciated.


Looking forward to seeing the photos of the CHICOPEE HIGH SCHOOL Dancing with the Teachers. That was such an entertaining evening.

Rosa Szykula

Jake's Soccer Pics

John Griffin

Dear David: I want to thank you once again for being part of the Martin-Griffin family events (i.e wedding & 2011 Chicopee Athletic Hall of Fame ceremony). Your pictures are fabulous and I look forward to seeing you at HS games. Dave! You are a [true] professional & I thank you from the bottom of my heart for being part of my life. Thanks for sharing your expertise w/ us all! God Bless! John Griffin CCHS HOF Class of 2011

Amy Walker

Your photos are great! I was wondering if you ever take photos of JV games as well? My son plays for Chicopee High JV footballl team, my camera is not working well right now for some reason, and I would love some action photos of when he plays. The JV players are also allowed to play in Varsity games but as I am sure you can understand they don't get much playing time. So I was wondering about that...?

allie roy

come to the comp girls soccer games ! you went to a ton last year ! western mass champsssssss !


You should check out the chicopee comp football schedule! we apprieciate football pictures !

Allison Ernst

Just waiting for the baseball pictures from the youth baseball tournament from 07-31-11 in Ludlow. (Holyoke vs Spfld Titans)
Can'twait to see them!!!!


LOVE the Titan softball photos from Metro!! Thank you~ Will definately be placing an order!!


how can i go about ordering a photo from the may 26 register i believe it is on page 18 with the caption james mcinerney. thanks


bodies in motion? rehersal? please.


Why no pix of WM Champs Holyoke High track?


bodies in motion pictures from rehersal? pleaseee!
thanks! :)


Hello, i was wondering if you could put up any of the pictures from the spring sports photos form chicopee high 2011.


ola soy diana

JoAnn Beery

Hi Dave,

Just heard about this site and love your pictures! Any chance your going to taking photos at any of the Cathedral Varisty girls basketball games before the season ends? Thanks!

glenn gilbert

Hi Dave! I m looking for photos of the Knights Hockey team specifically number 20 Ty Hersom! THANK YOU!!!

Stephen Buoniconti

Hi David,
I am looking for a picture of my son Stephen Buoniconti Playing Hockey last year for Agawam High school. The picture was in the Agawam Advertiser dated March 11, 2010 on page 28. I would Like to order a copy of the picture if its still available.

Thanks, Stephen Buoniconti



Joe Morissette

Who's better than sweetdog???? No ONE!!!!!!!!!!


Hi! I just wanted to thank you for the great pictures in the Chicopee Register for Dancing with the Teachers! I was a participant; it was fun! Thank you for your time and work to make us look like celebrities!


I would like to order some football pics but wondering if you will be photographing any more Ludlow football games so I can order all at once. I believe there are two games and thanksgiving game left. Please let me know. Thank you.




Great photos of the Valley Cup! Thanks SweetDog!

Mary Anne

Just viewed the photos from the Valley Cup .... these are awesome!



celine macdonad

Just received the pictures from the Palmer aldenville legion game of my son pitching. Great pics. thanks again!!!!!!!!!!!!

chelsea kelly

i klooooooooooover sweet dog

Ray Remillard

Hi David,
Spoke with you a couple of times noticed that you were at the Palmer Chicopee Comp game the other night. Just wanted to find out a couple of things 1. if you will be doing any other Palmer games if you could get some extra shots of number 12 TroyRemillard, 2. I know you had sites up from last fall for Palmer Soccer but do not see them anymore wondering if I could getsome photos of Jon Remillard #12 from last falls western mass and state finals gamesor direct me to the location.

Please let me know.

Thanks Ray Remillard


Hi Sweet was nice meeting you at the Agawam HS last night..i am sure we will meet again as both my Grandsons are active in sports from HRHS...By the way your photos are very the dogs..Bev
Nicholas & Anthony Hoskin Grandmother.

Tyler Naginewicz

Do you think you can get pictures of Chicopee Comp Boys Soccer. I would really like some :). You can find our schedual in this link .. " " I'm number 11. Thank You for your time
Tyler Naginewicz


Great job with the pictures. wondering if you have any pics from the U16 girls Metro softball playoff games the weekend of June 24/25 of the Springfield Lady Titans! Thanks!

John Perez

You took some photos of my son, a hurdle runner for the Agawam HS track team at a May 2007 meet at the Ludlow HS for Turley publications and was published on May 3, 2007 at the Agawam Advertiser News, page 21. I will like to buy prints of the photos. I will appreciate if you could contact me by phone or email. Thanks.


Hi Sweetdog--- how about some Chicoppe-Aldenville American Legion pictures!!!
THANKS!!!! :)


I am looking for the photos from the Sherriffs Sprint Triathalon on May 2. Can you direct me toward these? Thanks for your help!


thank you for the graduation photos and relay for life!!


Hi Dave-Enjoyed talking and working with you at the Holyoke Catholic event this past weekend. As we talked about I would love to shoot if you need help. I am not looking to take work from anybody but as you said it gets crazy. Thanks.
Dennis Lee
413 584 7372


Hi Dave- Enjoyed working and talking with you at Holyoke Catholic event this past weekend. If you are looking for someone to shoot when you get swamped I'd love to help you out. I don't want to take q

Jesse warren

State finals!! Comp volleyball either monday or wednesday depending on who wins!!


thank you so much for putting the picture from the recital up. (:


The pictures from Bodies in Motion part 3 aren't loading. I was wondering if you could fix that? Haha I'm also the girl from today at tennis with the jumping pictures. Could you put those up too?


the pictures from the bodies in motion part one and three arent loading. ):


hey, i was wondering if you could put up the pictures from the bodies in motion dress rehersal. i saw you there, and i decided to look on the website to see if they were there, but there not. so, could you please put them up ? (: thank youu. i hope you can.

Emily Corriveau

You should stop by a Chicopee girl's tennis match before our season is over! We only have four home matches left:

05/12 vs. Comp
05/13 vs. Ludlow
05/20 vs. West Side
05/25 vs. Holyoke (senior match)

Thanks! :)

Chassity Matos

Just wondering when the pics for the ROTC Award Ceremony were gonna be up?


Photos are looking amazing! But I must say your a little slow at uploading them. Other then that I do enjoy viewing all of these wonderful pictures!

Sean Smalrick

I was wondering where the ludlow holyoke pictures are. im doing a portfolio for ludlow baseball and would like the posted por favor. muchas gracias sweet dog baby

Kevin Grant

HEY! i was wondering how i could find the pictures of the longmeadow vs comp playoff football game. They were up a while ago but i can't find them anymore. (


Hi, I'm interested in the pictures taken on Tuesday 4/20 at the Belchertown game vs Holyoke Purple Knights.


your getting slower and slower updating these photos, last update was from the 19th come on quit slacking


Hey just wondering when the belchertown baseball game vs holyoke pictures will be up

Jennifer Miller

Hi-I am making a scrapbook for my son for this past high school cross-country season and was wondering if you have any photos of the Ludlow team members that I could view/purchase. Thank you!

Deborah Savoie

Will you be photographing any of the Belchertown Varsity volleyball games? Would love to order some photos if you do...

Joshua Cordero

hey waiting to see fame pictures


Sweet Dog! Love all the photos..what a great eye!!
just wanted to thank you again for your kindness at the Mass Mutual Center the other night. I was overwhelmed with anxious-energy and you helped me with no hesitation, I am grateful!!
thanks for your friendship...
Donna Laviolette ~

Erin Fuller

Hey Sweet Dog! :) My name is Erin Fuller. I met you at the cheerleading competition in Chicopee. I was wondering if you could send me the pictures you took of Minnechaug Varsity and JV and also the one of my mom and my niece! :) Thanks a bunch!

Erin Fuller

Ken Ritchott

Good morning Dave. Yesterday was super at the Hu Ke lau.
I was wondering if you could get me a disc of the pictures from yesterday. I can pick it up or if you could bring it to the Veterans office on Center St. I would appreciate it very much.

Thank You Very Much

Ken Ritchott

lady Knights !

Where Are all the Girls Basketball Team pictures? I've Been Dying To Seem Them.. Or if You Didnt Take Any You Should Probably Go To A Couple Of Games.. Thank You Very Much!!!

bruce socha

I was looking for pictures of the sword game. Expecially the cannon shots.


I also am looking for the field Hockey pictures from the Valley Cup in Holyoke, agawam vs minnechaug. I was on last night and it was taking too long for them all to come up and did not have time to wait, and now they are not up. could you let me know if you still have them. Thanks Karen


do you still have photos of field hockey holyoke tournament on 10/17/09. i'm looking for the last championship game of agawam vs. minnechaug. thanks

Steven Wilkes

Keep up the good work!


Waiting to see the pictures from the Chicopee Comp and Chicopee girls volleyball. Looking forward to seeing them. And thanks for what you do.

Chicopee Comp Mom

Kara Gagne

Hi Sweetie! I am a member of the Blue Sox Dance Team that was speaking with you at the All Star game this past weekend. I was wondering if you could get me the photo of our team with Derik Benton, one of our sponsors. If this would be possible, that'd be wonderful! Thanks and have a great day!!
Holyoke Blue Sox Dance Team

Dianne Cooper

Hey Dave --
First Central people want me to look at some pix. Do I need a log-in?
Hope you are doing well. We are all fine here.

Jeff & Mary

Hi David,
Nice meeting you at the Showcase of Champions last weekend. I would love to get some photos of our Seniors for graduation gifts as well as a 12x17 of the photo on the program cover. Is there a log-in/password combo or should I just e-mail you directly when the photos go online? Looking forward to seeing them!- you've been busy!

Gary Gorman

Nice talking to you at the Commerce Meet today at Central High School. Could you let me know again which papers your photos may be in so I can go get some copies for the girls.
Coach Gary Gorman

Jacki Reardon

Thank you for the great photos from South Hadley Irish Night. Of course I especially love the ones of the Grand Colleen & my grandaughter. Thank you for being there. Jacki

Jim McCarthy

Monday, April 21, 2008
Softball - Ludlow @ Northampton 11:00

Do you still have any pitchers for this softball Game? I like to order from this date and also from a recent event?

steve boyer

I want to thank you again for being there yesturday for our alumni game. I think you said something about submitting photos to the register and I have the stats from the game and I dont know if I should forward it to you so you would have it to send with the photos. Let me know.



Steve Boyer

I am the President of the Ludlow High School Booster Club and we have an Alumni game sceduled for this Sunday @ 11:50 to 1:50 and our photographer cant make it. Do you think you would be interested in doing it for me. If you can do it please call my cel phone.

Thank you,




Steve Scott (WM Pioneers)


We appreciate all you have done for the WM Pioneers and Lady Pioneers. Your Pictures are always fantastic!

brian williams

hey guys! have seen or talked to you an awhile. just wanted to say hi!

Jim Campbell

Wonderful pictures!

kim ratelle

wondering if you have any pics from the Elms College youth baseball camp during Christmas break , heard from my daughter you took pics of her thanks.


i like does pic ur one of the best ... can u get the one from dean tech and lenox jv thanks good job

gail mcclaflin

great pics, looking for the ones from chs hockey


You are the man! Best photographer in Mass.


sweetdog i love the dodgeball pictures!!

javier rodriguez

i love those pic how can i get those pics from the day we faced palmer i gots to get more pics of me. javi (#46)

Connor Cloutier

Oh yeah you like the freshman with no name on the back of his jersey playin for varsity jumpin over kids to catch the ball. Good pictures you should come to more of our games a ton of kids on the team would buy them.

Liz Adzima

I loved the photos you took of the Holyoke Catholic High production of Annie. My son would like to include photos you took in his portfolio and I do not see a price for photos on disk. Could you let me know if you release your photos and what the price would be. He would need to be able to send it out electronicly. Thank you!



Janelle Soucia

Hey David - Met you at the Alumni game/Comp vs High. Nice to have met you and great pictures. Also, thanks for taking such a great picture of my daughter Racahel during the Belchertown vs Ludlow game in Belchertown. (I'm sorry I missed you there) Do you have any other pictures of that game? Would like to purchase some and put on the girls soccer website. See you around!

Liane Kendall

Hi, I met you at the football jamboree. I was taking pictures of the Falcons too. Thanks to both you and Nate for a great article and picture!! One of the mom's on the team laminated a copy for each kid in the article. The kids were "pumped" to see themselves in print. My son was especially psyched to see his picture. Thanks angain and it was nice meeting you.


Dear Sweet Dog,
I want to thankyou for the awesome pic of Miguel and his Grandma, and family. It was so very nice of you to take the time for a personal picture request. It made my day when I saw it on your web site!!!
Thanks again for the time and great photos. Keep up the good work.
LIsa Chappel


the album of asylin is adorable. shes my goddaughter and it made me so happy to see that! :)

Daniel Neely

yeah i play for the Dean Tech Golden Hawks baseball team i never rly see too many dean tech photos or articles running anywhere we have made tourney for first time in 10 years just wondering maybe some photos could be put up im #2 catcher/pitcher


hey Sweet dos thank for taking the pics of our play anything goes @ HHS we appreciate it!!the pics are awesome

Erin Ziencina

Love what you do! Its nice to see the ugly faces I make when playing softball!

Ludlow SS #15


I really like the photos !

Dawn B.

Hi Sweetdog!
I am so glad we met at the parade. i am so honored to be on the same page as you in this week's Reminder for the St. Pat's Parade photos! LOVE the ones you took on here!
All the best,


Thanks so much for including me and my "running buds" in your St. Pats Road Race's a keeper!

Marcie Sanders

Wow you pictures are great...I wished I had spoken to you at the show...they are the best quality I have seen.

Tom Jamison

Why would he want to send you all of the photos he took and then hope you buy some? You wouldn't need to after you had them. Seriously.

Perhaps Microsoft will send you some software at no charge then hope you pay for the ones you want. What's the difference? Let me know if they'll go for that one.

He may love what he does, but it's still his livelihood.

Ryan Reeves

I was wondering if you could send me (through e-mail), all pictures of the Ware High School Boys Basketball Team from the past 2 seasons (this year 2007 - 2008; last year 2006 - 2007). I would really appreciate it if you can and if you have them. If not may you post them on your web-site because I may want to buy some. Thank You!!!


Thanks for the photos of the 1/11/08 track meet! Sheila


Your the best..We Miss you here at HOLYOKE HIGH SCHOOL....

Patty Roy

great job on the photos last year( hs swimming) i'd like to get more this season but see nothing on your website.Tanya's picture was in register 12.27.07. You take them let me know I'll buy them.She won't be at the chic high meet 1.11.08 hope to talk to you 1.15.08 against agawam . Thanks


girls soccer coach


good pics

Jerry Fitzsimons

Finally got to check out some of the photos of the Showcase on your site. Look great. Have you provided the teams with thier team photos yet? We are getting ready to do a follow up with them including a survey and photo contest to create some post tournament buzz. Will be including a link to your site to push some possible sales.

Also want to do some stuff here at the Hall. Would like to use some of your pictures and be able to give you a plug. Could also heve a flyer here re: showcase and induction pictures along with web link.

Thanks, Jerry Fitzsimons, Executuve Director VHF


Hey i would appriciate if u can send me my pics of the showcase (Dean vs. H.High) Im #4 especially the last picture!!...The reason y I ask is because thats the 1st time i saw a pic of myself on this website...Talk 2 u soon...Thanks

chicopee volleyball

hey thanks so much for posting up the volleyball pictures of us!!!! you should come to more of our games! =) thank you!!!!!



David B. Failey

Owner of Mass State Warriors

Estelle Stasz

Thanks for the PVSSL Girls Final Pictures and for being so accomodating. I'm sending my order today


fantastic pics

Jim Ryan

Thanks for letting me use your lens at the MTOC game. Maybe my wife will let me have one soon. You're a great guy.
Jim Ryan

Lindsay Ferreira


Thank you so much for posting those photos of the Lady Pioneers and the Pink Menace. They are awesome !!
Would you mind just getting back to one more time and letting me know how long they will be up there. We will also be in touch with you about purchasing photos. again thank you very much. You do Awesome work.


I was so excited to see my son, Justin Timmons, in the AAN this week. He is Justin Timmons and made WMASS by 4 secs. running in just a few hours today (Saturday).
Thank you so much for capturing his true efforts and facial expressions while trying to achieve his goal that has alluded him for two years. Since I was not able to be there, as it was my first day at a new w/e job it was even more important to me.
Are you going to WMASS today? I noticed your calendar was blocked out.




heyyy there sweet dog photo man!!! i'm the girl that took a picture with you at the holyoke/holyname game..blonde hair..short...wearing purple haha i wanted to send you the picture because it's pretty funny how can i get it to you? well anyways thanks for being such a great holyoke fan (even though you may not be from holyoke) we still love you just the same and EVERYONE loves to check out your pictures all the time!! well talk to you later!!

ps) at the parade all the highschoolers go to the corner of beech st. and northampton st. right on crosier field if you wanted to get some of the kids at the parade =) well see you at the next big event


Linda Groom

Nice talking to you at the game. Nice photos!


Hey! I'm a Comp cheerleader and i love to check this site for all the great pictures you take of my team and the boys we cheer for during football and basketball season, as well as the special events. So I thought i would just leave a message to say keep up the good work, it always makes me smile to see you at our games! THANKS!

roger bowden

Great shot of Bobby in goal against Chicopee High.

Bobby Smith

Thank you for all the pictures of the Holyoke knights soccer team, thank you.


Great pictures! You get some really nice action shots. I appreciated the Comp superbowl rally pictures. Keep up the good work. Your swimming pictures are awesome. I could never get those kind of shots.

Coach Green

Great pictures! Please e mail me back with a contact number so that we can talk. Have a Great Day!

Maggie Thrasher

Great pictures of the Lennox Monson game Thursday. Can't wait to see Sat Div III pictures. It shows you love what you do.

Pauline Quirk

Nice job

Robert Smith

Well first of all I love looking at your photos. You have really goods ones. I'm a student at Holyoke High School and i was wondering if you can take some photos on one of my best friends on the Holyoke High's varsity soccer team. His name is Nick Felton #5. He is a very good player. He was wondering if you could take photos of him and post them up. Nick and I love this website because we love looking at Holyoke Highs photos. You have like the best photos. If you can, thank you.
Robert Smith

Candice McDonald

Lovely meeting you at the game last night!


Dean Tech photos are lookin great! Keep up da good work

Marilyn Ryan

Nice job on the site. Great photos!

Sharon-Cub Scout pack 138

Great job on the web site and the collection of photos!! :) Thanks for taking the pics at the Enforcers/Patriots Alumni game. They came out great !!

Brian Devivo

Hi Dave
Great job on the web site. The kids are all asking me about it and they check out your photos after any games they see you at. Keep up the good work.